We had our walking session on the 5th of November. We walked around Kalemegdan Park, where we spent about 2 hours exploring the sights. It is the largest and probably the most beautiful park in the city. It is a cherished spot, favored by many Belgradians who come here all through the year for its green expanses, tree-lined paths, monuments and cultural attractions.

We enjoyed the freshness of the day, the bright sun and pleasant breezes. We were greeted by the clear view of the two rivers which Belgrade is proud with.

After the walk, we enjoyed a nice lunch at Cafe Lavash along Baton Hala. It is a very nice restaurant with very good food; a fusion of Balkan, Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, Georgian and Persian cuisine.

Our next walking session will be held on the 26/11 at 11am. This time, we will explore Kosunjak area. So come on and join us.

Write to us if you are interested.

Zalina Stauch & Gordana Miletić