The Romanian embassy graciously invited the members of the International Women’s Club to celebrate the spring holiday “Martisor” with them for the March 2022 IWC coffee morning event.

After being welcomed to the event by the IWC president Sonia Shehryar, the embassy guests, IWC members and members of the press were invited by Her Excellency Mrs. Davidoiu to a presentation on the cultural significance of the March 1st holiday, the majestic Corvin Castle, one of the seven wonders of Romania as well as the beautiful city of Moldova Nouă on the other side of the Danube river.

The attendees were then treated to a buffet full of Romanian culinary specialties and a rich display of traditional Romanian handicraft. The guests could also purchase artisan made spring tokens to participate in the Martisor tradition of presenting them as lucky charms to the women dear to them.

The photos of the event are thanks to CorD Magazine and IWC member Mia Medakovic-Topalovic: