The Association of Citizens Laris Čačak is an NGO established in 2014, with the aim of achieving goals in the area of human rights and social welfare. The main objective of the Association is respect for, protection of and the improvement of human rights and freedoms in the areas of education and employment. The also focus on an increase in social inclusion, equality and respect for the socially vulnerable/marginalised groups (victims of discrimination, deprivation, single parents, those who are difficult to employ, etc.). 

“Community together for older people” is a project based on research about age and financial status of the population in the municipality of Čačak. Selected are 100 beneficiaries in 4 villages with the highest average age, scattered about 20-30 km away from the city center: Brezovice, Rošci, Rajac, and Milićevci. The project’s actions consist of four educational workshops with subjects ranging from rights to social insurance, health care, and protection from age-grounded discrimination; four workshops on primary health care; and the delivery of 100 humanitarian packages plus establishing cooperation with the Red Cross and the City Health Council.