The Oldsters and Youngsters of Belgrade (Beogradski starišani i mališani) is an NGO dedicated to working with the elderly population. The association started in 2015 under the auspices of the Gerontology Center in Belgrade and through the volunteering work of its activists.

The project “Twelve Playful Princesses”, to be implemented in Belgrade, is joining together the young and elderly population in a mission of knowledge and experience exchange through interaction in creative drama activities. The goal is to spread understanding of the importance of aid for the elderly, understanding of generational differences and needs, transfer of skills, and cooperation. The participants in the project will be 13 retired men and women, members of the drama society working within the association “Youngsters of Belgrade '', and their co-players in the drama, children of age 7-10. Beneficiaries of the project will be the audience at the performances: children in Belgrade schools (estimated 600 spectators) and the customers of the nursing homes (estimated 400 senior spectators). Also, the play is to be shown at festivals for the elderly.