The Union of Secondary Schools in Serbia (UNSS) is a youth-driven organization that works to educate young people about their rights as students and encourage them to organize and actively participate in the decision-making processes of their schools.

The “Vršnjaci Vršnjacima” or “peer-to-peer” project is a joint initiative of the UNSS and the Union of Teachers aimed at improving the quality of education for students across Serbia by providing them with used laptops, tablets, and mobile phones for e-learning. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, access to electronics has become more crucial than ever. Many students across Serbia have struggled to complete their online learning as their families often have only 1, or in some cases, no computer in the home. For these reasons, IWC has purchased and donated 10 used laptops and tablets to students in need at the Technical School Obrenovac.

We would like to thank A1 Srbija d.o.o for their generous donation of prepaid internet cards in support of this program.


In addition, IWC is currently collecting used electronics (laptops, tablets, phones) to support students in Serbia. If you have electronics you would like to donate, please clear any personal information from the memory, clean them, and contact the Charity Committee to arrange collection.