Overview of the IWC Fund-Raising

The annual Charity Bazaar is the main fund-raising event organized by the IWC in order to support community projects. This year´s Bazaar will be our 18th. For the 2019-2020 funding year, all cash donations will be distributed among projects that aim to support the elderly population in Serbia.

How to participate

There are several ways you and your embassy/company/organization may participate at the Charity Bazaar:

  • Host a Booth: Embassies can organize and host country booths selling food and other goods from their countries. Embassies usually collect in-kind donations from local sponsors or sponsors abroad (usually companies from their countries with some kind of presence in Serbia). If you are selling fresh food, the quality of the food is the responsibility of the supplier. (Therefore we are kindly asking you to sign the food disclaimer form available on the website.) Note: Corporations may not have booths of their own.
  • Collect Cash Donations: Cash donations by companies and individuals can be made to the IWC’s charity account and will be included in the total Charity Bazaar revenues.
  • Donate raffle items such as air tickets, vouchers for travel or other kind of rather valuable prizes. Tickets will be drawn on the stage.
  • Donate Used Books/Clothes: The IWC also hosts a second hand book stall and a flea market stall, with items donated by our members.
  • Contribute to the Cultural Program: There will be a stage and a lively cultural program with performances by singers, dancers, and musicians from all over the world.
  • Work as Volunteers: We need all the help we can get! You could work at the entrance, sell raffle tickets, or help at the flea market/book stalls.

If you would like to participate in the 2019 Bazaar:

Here are the documents you will need to complete and send back to us no later than November 8th. Some of these are PDF documents so you'll need to print them, fill them out, and then scan and email them back to us at bazaar@iwc.rs. The online forms will come to use automatically.

  • Application form: Use this form if you wish to participate in any way in the bazaar. This provides us with your contact information.
  • Booth Requirements form: Use this form if you plan to have a booth.
  • Cash Donation agreement: Use this form if you plan to have a booth or if you plan to make a cash donation. If you have a booth, the proceeds from your sales that day will be your cash donation to IWC. 
  • Goods Donation agreement: Use this form if you wish to give us items for the raffle or you can use it if your sponsors would need a contract when they donate goods for your booth
  • Food Waiver: This form is required if you plan to sell any food at your booth. 

All completed forms should be emailed back to by November 8th or earlier. In the subject line please indicate which country you are representing.

Getting ready for the Charity Bazaar 2019

Two information meetings for participants will be held at Belgrade Fair before the event. The meetings are typically held in November. The specific dates and times of those meetings will be announced later in the year.

  1. At the first information meeting: The instructions for your participation in the Charity Bazaar 2019 will be presented, as well as the timetable and booth details.
  2. The second information meeting: The floor plan will be displayed. Specific information on how to set up the booths the Saturday before the event and information for Sunday, the day of the Bazaar, will be provided. At the meeting you can also buy the raffle tickets for your embassies’ staff and pick up volunteer badges and parking passes.  

OTHER information:

  • Saturday November 30th will be the set up day. Participants are allowed to spend the day bringing in their goods and decorating their booths. Security guards will be on duty.
  • Entrance tickets for the public for the Bazaar are 300 dinars each and raffle tickets are 250 dinars each. Embassy participants and corporate sponsors will receive volunteer badges or entrance tickets.
  • On the day of the bazaar, there will be a Kids Corner area where children will find many fun activities, while under constant supervision of responsible Bazaar volunteers. Entrance tickets to Kids Corner are 250 dinars each.
  • The moving company Balkan Relocations can pick up and store items and goods that you want to sell, and deliver them to the Sajam one day before the Bazaar. Please contact: Gordana Popov +381 60 085 43 21 for more information.
  • Moving company AGS can pick up gently-used clothing, books, and toys for the Flea Market and store them until the Bazaar. Please contact Vesna Arula +381 63 717 7414 for more information.

Contact Information

If you need further information or have any questions about the Charity Bazaar 2019, please contact us by email at .

We thank you in advance for your interest in the IWC Charity Bazaar 2019 and we look forward to your active participation!

Cash Donation agreement
Goods Donation agreement
Food Waiver
Map of the Belgrade fair